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Beginner's Course

A counter partner to Adobe Photoshop is Illustrator, and out of the two design programs to learn, Illustrator is by far the easiest to get a handle on. Illustrator is your drawing program and it's used mostly for creating logos and digital illustrations because you have more control over what you're doing. In order to be able to use the program and feel comfortable, it's vital you take the time to learn the entire program from the ground up starting with the dialog box. It's really helpful when you're able to find where everything is located, what things are called and more importantly, when and how to use them. Each lesson is broken down into a single video that thoroughly covers every drop down menu item making it easy for you to understand how to navigate your way through the program before diving straight in. The last video will cover the Tool bar. It is recommended you view these videos in the order as they're presented because each video will build onto the next lesson.

 All videos will be accessible through a private Facebook group after purchase.

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Lesson 1:
The Dialog Box

Learn how to correctly set up your files for both print and website usages.


Lesson 2:
The Preferences

This video will teach you how to customize Illustrator in order to change your measurements from inches to pixels, turn off tool tips,

and more.


Lesson 3:
The File Menu

In this video, you'll find some of your keyboard shortcuts for a variety of functions, and where certain things are located.


Lesson 4:
The Edit Menu

This drop down menu will cover the keyboard shortcuts and how to do simple text edit changes like check spelling, find and replace and colors.


Lesson 5:
The Object Menu

In this drop down menu, you'll start to learn use some of the functions like group, creating patterns, clipping mask, and more.


Lesson 6:
The Type Menu

In this video, we'll go through how to create type and the different design options you have available.


Lesson 7:
The Select Menu

In this lesson, you'll learn how to select and deselect items on your Artboard.


Lesson 8:
The Effect Menu

This drop down menu will show you which effects work best in Illustrator and which ones work better in Photoshop.


Lesson 9:
The View Menu

In this video, discover the different ways you can view your artwork, and find where your ruler, guides and other other tools are located.


Lesson 10:
The Window Menu

Learn how to customize your own workspace, where your palettes are and how to use them.


Lesson 11:
The Tool Bar

In this video, we'll go over all the tools, which ones to use, avoid and find the hidden ones.

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