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Design Tips

Welcome to Stacy Schilling Education Design Hub
The Differences Between Photoshop and Illustrator
Why Use InDesign
Don't wait to ask for help with your design project
The Issues with Resizing Photos in Photoshop
The Importance of File, Save As in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
You Need Feedback Working on Your
Design Projects
To Behance or Not?
That is the Question
Canva, Canva, Canva...Should you be using it for your designs?
Why You Need a Contract
in Your Graphic or Website Design Business
Template vs. Custom Websites, which is the better option?
Why You Should Use Google Sites Instead of Canva, If You Have
Little to No Money
How to Use Google Sites
Part 1
How to Build a Website
with Google Part 2
Where You Can Find Inspiration
The Importance of
Creating A Niche
How Does Private
Tutoring Work?
Why Sketching is
So Important in Design
Learn Website Design First BEFORE Diving Straight In
Stop Treating Website Design Like A Trip Through the Drive-Thru
Stop, Drop and Rotate
Your Creativity
How to Promote
Your Business
What's a Virtual Dinner Party?
Stop, Drop and Rotate
Your Creativity
The Rules of Copyright
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