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Student Testimonials

Dina Upton, Illustrator / Photoshop / Graphic Design Homework Help

"Working with Stacy proved beyond expectation and after the first two hour lesson, I’m on my way. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient, even with someone like me starting at ground zero. She was able to adjust her training on the fly to my specific work flow too. It was nice to be tutored by a well-versed working professional so we could get right to it. Couldn’t be happier."

– Jeff D., InDesign

"I recently started a new position and had very little training from my predecessor. I was going to be working with a program I knew of, but hadn't worked with directly. Stacy was fabulous. InDesign is a great program, but is very in-depth. Stacy jumped right in from the very beginning. She first emailed me to ask what I was looking to get out of the program, what my knowledge was of the program, and what my expectations were. From there we set up several sessions and with her weekly help, I can design new marketing materials for my company. I will probably even set up some additional sessions with her when I'm ready to become further advanced. She was very patient and great to work with. I would recommend Stacy to anyone needing help with this program and others. Thank you!"

– Jennifer Anderson, InDesign

"Stacy is helping me sort out problems with my client's Web site, which was produced by another individual. She has made an incredible difference in the speed with which I am learning a new Web platform."

– Ellen Storeim, Website Design with Wix

"When I found myself drowning in questions on how to set up a book with InDesign – I went straight to YouTube. I got some answers, yet it took hours of watching videos, searching for content that pertained to my book project – I felt that I was just wasting my time.

During my searches, an ad posed up for hiring tutors through I had never heard of it. I figured I’d give it a try. I was getting desperate.

I read through the website and found hundreds of tutors that could help me with my InDesign book project. I sifted through tutor after tutor looking for someone with lots of ‘real life’ experience. Low and behold, I found Stacy.

Stacy had 4.9 stars, over 20 years experience in the printing industry, and with a BA in Journalism and Graphic Design - I knew right then she was my pick.

After our first class, I was floored. Every question I asked, she had the answer. Every issue, she had a work-around. After 2 classes I had everything I needed to produce a 150-page book and it turned out perfectly.

I can’t say enough about Stacy. And if I’m every in the need for some guidance – she’s going to be my first phone call!

Thank you Stacy for all your help and guidance - you saved me AND my project!"

– Randall P., InDesign

"Stacy has been really great! She is friendly, patient, and thorough. She's basically starting with scratch with me in Illustrator, and she's going through all the menu items with me which is super helpful. This program intimidates me, but with her guidance and encouragement, I know with practice I have the capability to do this!"

– Laura Levine, Illustrator

“Stacy was equally amazing for Session 2 of Learn the Pretty Side of Website Design. My daughter has learned so much and is even ready to create something. Stacy has sparked my daughters creativity and is very excited. I highly recommend Stacy.”

– Nneka Mathis (Nya Mathis, student), Learn the Pretty Side of Website Design Part 1 & 2

“Stacy is great and very professional. My daughter enjoys her class very much.”

– Alice Lopez (Shannon Lopez, student), Illustrator

“Best graphics design tutor I ever came across. I can't thank you enough Stacy!

Very helpful and knows what she's talking about!”

– Zeina Farouki, Private Lessons: Graphic Design Homework Help

“Stacy is absolutely amazing. Not only is she clearly very bright and knowledgeable about the class, she challenged me by making sure I learned the subject matter because she made me come up with the right answers not just giving me the answers. Also, to top it off, she was very patient and was great at building rapport with me with her kindness. I can't say enough about her. She went way above and beyond what I needed. She was very personable and patient. Top marks all across the board!”

– Tom Gate, HTML & CSS

“Stacy is terrific. Focused, practical, effective training for a large document, or in other words - book publishing and printing a 400-page book.”

– George F., Private Lessons: Graphic Design

“Stacy helped me design and execute a professional portfolio. She is both knowledgeable and efficient with all the relevant design software programs. These include Photoshop, Behance, Adobe Portfolio, and others. Beyond the mechanics of portfolio design, her professional and academic experience enabled Stacy to advise on what to include and how to order and present each project. Throughout the process, Stacy remained both diligent and patient. I highly recommend Stacy for design and graphics related advice and guidance.”

– Steven Roswell, Photoshop / Portfolio / Behance

“When I first bought Photoshop Elements, I was overwhelmed. I used to sit and cry because I couldn't figure out the program, and I didn't understand what I was doing. A friend suggested I contact Stacy for tutoring lessons since she is a Graphic and Website Designer, and also teaches at the college level. I called Stacy immediately and scheduled my first lesson because I was desperate for help.

Stacy was patient with me and took her time teaching me the entire program at a pace that worked for me. She never rushed through the lessons and always reviewed previous lessons to make sure I understand what I was learning before we moved onto something new. Since working with Stacy,  I have become more confident in what I'm doing in Photoshop Elements, and I would recommend Stacy to anyone who is looking for a patient tutor."

– Rachel Griffith, Adobe Elements

“Stacy can see exactly what I need to focus on. I hope for the opportunity to develop my proficiency much further under her tutelage.”

– Rick Moore, Photoshop

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