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One of the most used programs in the design world is Adobe Photoshop and for many newbies it's a beast to learn because the program has so much to offer in what it can do. In order to be able to use the program and feel comfortable, it's vital you take the time to learn the entire program from the ground up starting with the dialog box. It's really helpful when you're able to find where everything is located, what things are called and more importantly, when and how to use them. Each lesson is broken down into a single video that thoroughly covers every drop down menu item (except for the 3D one – all 3D designing should be done in AutoCAD and not in Photoshop) making it easy for you to understand how to navigate your way through the program before diving straight in. The last video will cover the Tool bar. It is recommended you view these videos in the order as they're presented because each video will build onto the next lesson.

All videos will be accessible through a private Facebook group after purchase.

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Stacy Schilling

Stacy Schilling
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