From RGB to CMYK conversion, and dot gain to ink limits, to rasterizing and layouts, solves design problems so messages are seen, read, and remembered. 

Work includes projects for 12 industries (non-profit, B2B & B2C). Helps peak usability with graphics that create an easy, stimulating read. Hybrid knowledge (design/production) saves employer a ton of time and wasted effort by doing graphics the right way.

Fits like a glove in a fast-paced, ROI-centric culture that appreciates good design married with good production.

In addition to her impressive design abilities, Stacy began her art career as a young girl with coloring books, arts and crafts, latch hook, needlepoint, and cross-stitch. Her passion for art got an enormous boost from her seventh grade art teacher, Mrs. Schwartz, who taught her how to draw upside down to help train the right side of her brain. Her creative expression and fulfillment flourished with a year-long place mat project and painting.


Stacy's development as an artist continued as she wrote and designed her own book and magazine, took drawing classes, experimented with plastics, advanced as a painter by learning to look at color and shape instead of the entire object, immersed herself in photography and mastered the printmaking process. She will even turn her artwork upside down and work on them that way because it helps her see the piece from a new perspective, and allows her to also refine it until it feels complete. 


Stacy's passion for art emanates from every piece she creates, whether it’s a drawing, painting, logo, brochure, website, keepsake gift or piece of jewelry. 


Stacy earned a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Northern Kentucky University, President's List and Scholar's List, and she also received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Kentucky. She also has been a private tutor for five years.


Stacy now invites you to experience her joyous passion for her art and design, and her work is available for purchase. 


Contact Stacy to commission her to create a piece of artwork for you or someone else.


First Place

Mainstrasse Village Oktoberfest Poster Competition

Covington, KY

9th Place (over 500+ entries)

Santa Monica Pier Twilight Dance Series Poster Competition

Santa Monica, CA

Featured on the show "Designing your Future"

Episode 11, Graphic Design

Arcadia, CA