Client Problems and Solutions: How I came to the rescue.

Client: Area Map Service

Location: Florence, KY and Cincinnati, OH

Project: County Maps with Advertisements


  • Resolution quality of maps

  • Incorrect file format for printing

  • Ads with mistakes

  • No file organization in place resulting in archiving issues 


  • Set up new file structures and folders for better work flow 

  • Individually color corrected each map in Photoshop for printing

  • All new ads and ad with changes had proofs sent for approval prior to going on each map


Client: Yesdesigngroup

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project: 100+ page book for a Client's conference with over 40 speaker bios, pictures and advertisements


  • Client did not want bios to be split between two pages

  • Speaker pictures had to remain in the same spot for each bio

  • No widows

  • Ads had to be on specific pages 

  • Two-page spreads could not be split apart or moved in the page navigation 

  • Excessive client changes were holding up the project because multiple people in the company were all proofing each page and changes were being returned almost immediately



  • Pre-built the spreads, left and right pages, and final navigation with text boxes by each page for easy identification of what goes on each page which expedited the approval process for faster work flow

  • Approved pages were dropped into the final book layout upon approval

  • The Account Director, printer and I had a conference call to ensure the project was done on time and in Client's hands, and agreed the finished books would be delivered to the Client's conference in Austin, Texas 

  • To avoid excess Client changes, the Account Director would consult with me for an estimated time to complete them, and then notify the Client so they could decide whether they wanted to proceed or not with the changes

The following Monday after their conference, the Client called to thank us for our diligent work on the project and said everyone at the conference was beyond blown away with the entire book. They were very happy with the final product. We were happy that they were happy and worked together as a team finishing the book on time.


"Stacy is a very detail-oriented designer who has the ability to review the job as a whole rather than just its parts. An example of such is when she would be doing the graphic design layout, but would catch errors such as proofreading or captions which were the responsibility of another person. Stacy is very structured and organized and was instrumental in assisting our Creative team to do likewise. From print to web, she would be collaborative with the creative services team, always keeping in mind the parameters outlined by the clients and client services team. I plan on working with Stacy again in the future when needed."


— Mike Pirone, VP/Account Director, YesDesignGroup


Client: Champions

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project: Presentation Folder with Illustration and Step Down Inserts



  • Client was using a generic blue presentation folder purchased from Staples with a white label affixed on the front with their company name

  • Generic letters inside as their marketing materials to seek new Clients

  • The company had three people who wanted to give input as to how the final design should appear

  • Combine all three ideas into one cohesive design that would meet their approval and reach their two target audiences: children and adults 

  • Illustration was a design and production challenge because of conflicting ideas on company motto, incorporation of all four seasons, and activities since their program is year–round


  • Create a custom-designed presentation folder and have it printed as a one–color job to save money, but spend a little more on a aqueous coating to give it shine without the glare in a glossy coat

  • Make the outside presentation folder eye-catching and appealing by reversing the company's color and putting the logo, contact information, and text on the front and back covers

  • Design step down inserts so that the title of each page could be clearly seen and produce a letter in-house

  • Produce generic images of people doing activities and wearing clothes for each season so the focus would be on the company's activities it provides to Clients 


When the entire project was complete and approved, it was sent to the printer. A week later, everything arrived and was perfect. I personally delivered the project to the Client and they were more than happy with the work I produced and delivered.


"Stacy did a great job on the Champions promotional materials. Her professionalism, ability to stick to a strict deadline, and creativity in fusing multiple ideas together were just a few of the qualities that impressed us with her work. She took the ideas, often very opposing ideas, and blended them into a format that appeased all members of the staff and have proven immensely effective with our clients."


– Brad Lupien, Co-Owner, Champions


Client: ForestWeb

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project: Finish current design jobs and send them to the printer, create organizational procedures, and archive files


  • The graphic designer walk out in the middle of several projects that needed to be designed and printed

  • The Marketing department knew very little about graphic design and had no idea how to find the projects the designer was working on

  • No way to track their jobs in order to know where they were in the design and production process or who in the company was reviewing and approving them

  • Files were in multiple folders in the computer and not archived for easy accessibility




  • Finish all uncompleted design jobs and send them to the printer

  • Organize the designer’s computer so the next designer would be able to find jobs without delay by creating two main folders: "Jobs In Progress" and "Closed Jobs"

  • Files were also renamed by job name and with an extensive in case someone needed to see a previous version 

  • Create a new workflow for the Marketing department with a “Project Job Tracking Sheet” which included the project's information and a "Tracking Sheet" for everyone in the company to date, sign and put their reason for having the design file

  • Put all the current and closed jobs in their own folders with Tracking Sheets so files wouldn't get misplaced


When I left after two weeks, the VP of marketing was very pleased that I came on such short notice and terrible circumstances, and had this to say about my work.

"When I had the sudden departure of our graphic designer, I hired Stacy on a temporary assignment, and she took complete control immediately. She helped get all my rush jobs to the printer, she organized files and set up procedures that I lacked. Most importantly, Stacy gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with all projects. It was a relief knowing that I had a very capable and competent person assisting me during this stressful time."

– Ola Jane Gow, VP Marketing, ForestWeb



Client: RadNet

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project: Logo Identity Design


  • RadNet Direct, a new division under RadNet Management, needed a logo identity and marketing materials 

  • I knew very little about the company and was on a time crunch with a very short deadline, four hours

  • Logo Identity had to match the current branding and company colors as parent company, RadNet Management 




  • Create four logo designs for approval of one final logo design


"I was impressed with Stacy's creativity and quick response time for my logo identity even though she knew very little of the company's background. Within hours, I received four awesome samples to choose from and I am so happy with my new logo. I will continue to work with Stacy and I will refer her to other clients and colleagues. Thank you Stacy for all your hard work. You're awesome and incredibly talented!!"

– Terri Herrick, Director of Sales and Marketing, RadNet Direct



Client: Valet Parking Services

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project: Tri-Fold Marketing Brochures


  • Marketing brochures had an outdated design, poorly written copy, and pictures of former employees that left to start their own valet business

  • Budget could not afford to hire a professional photographer or copywriter

  • Since I have a BA in Journalism and Graphic Design, the Client wanted me to create and produce all elements of the project: copywriting, design, pre-press production, and print services

  • Client wanted their entire management team to select the new design

  • A "valet hiring attendant checklist" needed to be added so prospective Clients understood the valet selection hiring process



  • Interview and record all members of management input about the company, transcribed each interview, and sorted through the information to determine what content would go into each brochure

  • Create two concepts and relied heavily on using their company colors, red and black, and one additional complimentary color, yellow for branding purposes

  • Put together a silent voting system so everybody could vote for their favorite design, and everyone cheered with smiles on their face when the final design was revealed

  • Use Client testimonials to fill empty space within the design because new photography was not in the budget, and agreed that Client testimonials would speak volumes to potential new clients 

  • Client's and company name was put in yellow lettering so it would get people’s attention 

  • Made the "Valet Hiring Attendant Checklist" standout and fit within the design with a simple yellow box and round corners that matched the brochure design, and use a check mark instead of a regular bullet


The Client was beyond ecstatic with the final design that they couldn’t wait for it to come back from the printer so they could use it to grow their business.